PARADIGM is a structured pedagogical, scientific and educational project. PARADIGM aims to use the appropriate technological infrastructure (devices, data platforms and tools) to empower the active engagement of citizens in taking action against climate change and for sustainable development through better monitoring and observing the environment and its environmental impacts. General objectives of PARADIGM project are:
a) raising environmental awareness and active engagement in green initiatives,

b) developing innovative STEM based curricula that cultivate transversal skills,

c) upskilling teaching staff with novel educational methodology and tools ,

d) creating European Community of Citizen Science.

The Paradigm e-learning course for environmental awareness is an online training program for teachers aiming to grow their appropriate digital and pedagogical skills.

The main purpose of this course is to introduce the learner to concepts like:

  • Environmental awareness, 
  • Problem-based learning and challenge-based learning methodology,
  • Familiarize him/her with digital tools that will prove useful to the completion of the coursε