OPEN MUSEUMS - European Museums stay open through digital technologies 

OPEN MUSEUMS is an Erasmus+ project that is co-funded by the European Commission.
The small and medium museum of the post Covid era needs to be digitally transformed in creating value through storytelling, emotional contact, and community engagement. It must ensure that cultural heritage and local development are safeguarded in a sustainable way and that its creation and communication of meaning is diverse and inclusive.

The project OPEN MUSEUMS aims at providing the staff of European museums with the necessary digital skills to attain the organisation’s digital transformation not only, but especially if their museum is of the smaller or medium scale.  

The partners of the project are:  
  • Fundación Rosalía de Castro - Spain (applicant) 
  • IDEC - Greece
  • eidosd solucions sl - Spain
  • ATERMON B.V. - Netherlands

By following this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create a virtual museum tour regarding a specific collection or the sum of the museum exhibits.
  • Handle Social Media accounts of a museum, communicating and engaging the public through content creation (videos, games, podcasts, photographs, texts, contests, blog posts).
  • Create an e-shop for copies of museum artifacts and memorabilia to sustain income for the museum while it is open and if it is forced to close in an unforeseen situation such as a health crisis.