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The training course has been developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ project INnovative tools for Diets oriented to Education and hEalth improvement in Dysphagia condition (INDEED).

The main outputs of INDEED are:

1.       To improve the knowledge about dysphagia management in house and institution environments.

2.       Update the learning approach on dysphagia dietetic management.

3.       To improve the social integration of people with dysphagia and their families

4.       To improve the access to adult education for all the society.

Finally, the INDEED project will promote the European inclusion of dysphagia patients, it will constitute a fluent communication channel about food texture modifications, and could even contribute to harmonizing European criteria for the management of dysphagia diets.


The course has the main objective to upgrade the education on dietetic approaches of the oropharyngeal dysphagia management by offering innovative learning methods and tools.

The specific objectives of this INDEED project are the following:

1.       To define the overall situation of dysphagia management in partner countries (because of the lack of adequate data relevant)

2.       To increase the visibility and raise the public awareness about the dysphagia condition as well as bring this disorder to the agenda of national policymakers

3.       To create innovative and user-friendly tools for the caregivers who are dealing with people with dysphagia

4.       To create an innovative, international and multidisciplinary network that engages professionals from different areas to provide families and caregivers with effective tools for achieving eating inclusion of dysphagia patients.

The total duration of the training per module will be 10 hours.

In the end, the course will lead to a final assessment and certification based on the learners’ assessment.

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