INCOBOTICS e-learning course on collaborative robotics. The course contains 3 modules:

  • Module 1. Introduction to Collaborative Robotics in Industry: Industry 5.0.
    • A visual introduction to the incipient Industry 5.0 scenario
    • An introduction to the main brands and types of COBOTS, specific characteristics and uses
  • Module 2. Programming COBOTS:
    • Movements, routines, managing I/O (inputs and outputs), palletization, manipulating tools.
    • Programming tasks to cover the main Industrial functions: selection, inspection, sorting, manipulation etc.
  • Module 3. Artificial Vision Systems:
    • Introduction to main AV systems
    • Safety parametres (programmable in accordance with CO-BOT function and task): sensorial capacities
    • Data collection: monitoring and analysis
    • Programming Artificial Vision

The course is addressed to:

  • EQF level 5+ educationalists (HE and high level VET)
  • Industrial and technical students (future workers in Industry)
  • Industrial workers who require upskilling in programming for CO-BOTS via courses for the employed or unemployed workers

The course is self paced and has a total duration of xx hours.