Introductory course for European project management, tailored for internal use. The course addresses IDEC new staff and interns. It consists of 6 modules, over six weeks. 

The objectives of the training course are:

  • to highlight and explain the importance of applying Quality & Evaluation in your Organisation

  • to provide you materials that deal with Quality & Evaluation

  • to improve your skills in this new context

  • to help you realise the benefits of implementing Quality & Evaluation in your organisation

This training consists of 5 modules with several units and activities for you to work on. In these units you will be provided with definitions, examples, tables, resources etc that will make your learning interesting and comprehensive. Most parts of this training course are based on Videos, which makes the educational process more engaging and understandable. We also provide resources that you can use to go deeper in a specific subject, or you can use in your daily work.

To know swallowing, dysphagia, types and health consequences of inadequate detection and diagnosis.