Welcome to FAVILLE modular e-learning program for virtual learning facilitators. Faville aims to enhance the quality standards of facilitation in virtual learning environments and to provide skills and competences that facilitators of virtual learning need to develop or improve their activity.

The e-learning is structure in 3 modules, delivered over 6 weeks.

  • Module 1. Preparing to be a virtual learning facilitator
  • Module 2. ICT tools for virtual learning facilitators
  • Module 3. Facilitation tools, techniques & methods for virtual learners’ engagement & support

The total learning time is estimated at 18 hours of learning.

The objectives of the training course are:

  • to highlight and explain the importance of applying Quality & Evaluation in your Organisation

  • to provide you materials that deal with Quality & Evaluation

  • to improve your skills in this new context

  • to help you realise the benefits of implementing Quality & Evaluation in your organisation

This training consists of 5 modules with several units and activities for you to work on. In these units you will be provided with definitions, examples, tables, resources etc that will make your learning interesting and comprehensive. Most parts of this training course are based on Videos, which makes the educational process more engaging and understandable. We also provide resources that you can use to go deeper in a specific subject, or you can use in your daily work.

You are an experienced Virtual Learning Facilitator, but you have not undergone a specific training for this task? You have acquired your skills and competences “on the job”, through “learning by doing”, or through informal self-study? You do not have a certificate confirming your professional competences as a VLF? Then the FAVILLE Validation could be the right thing for you.

The FAVILLE validation process will guide you to systematically reflect on, document and demonstrate your own competences in several steps. For this purpose, different instruments - a self-evaluation questionnaire, an application portfolio and a competency test - will be used.

Your competences will be checked against the FAVILLE competence profile by an assessor.